svn diff fails in textmode dir

Jacek Trzmiel
Fri Jul 23 02:44:00 GMT 2004

Subversion does have problem with doing diff inside working copy checked
out on textmode mounted path.

Win2kSP4 + all updates
cygwin1-20040720 snapshot

$ mount | grep work
d: on /work type system (textmode)

$ svnadmin create /svn
$ mkdir -p /work/tmp/testdir
$ cd /work/tmp/
$ echo "test" >testdir/testfile
$ svn import -m "Test import." testdir file:///svn/testdir
Adding         testdir/testfile

Committed revision 1.

$ mv testdir testdir.old
$ svn co file:///svn/testdir testdir
A  testdir/testfile
Checked out revision 1.

$ cd testdir
$ echo "test2" >>testfile
$ svn diff
svn: Failed to read file '.svn/text-base/testfile.svn-base': End of file

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