Facing problem with bash

Atukuri, Vasudeva_Kumar atukuriv@deshaw.com
Thu Jul 22 17:16:00 GMT 2004

OS: Windows 2000
Cygwin bash version "2.05b.0(9)"

My application is a combination of Fortran and C.
In Fortran Stdout's number is 6.

When I ran the application from the Cygwin console it is giving the
problem and exited.
where there is a write statement to the stdout.
Input/Output Error 179: Bad file descriptor 
In Procedure: openwt 
At Line: 562 
Statement: Formatted WRITE 
Unit: 6 
Connected To: Stdin 
End of diagnostics 
And then I typed the command "bash" (gone into one more level deeper),
then it worked.
And tried again one more step deeper ($SHLVL = 3) it gave the same

I kept on going deeper and deeper and my observation is...
For all odd SHLVL values it is failing(giving the above error message)
For all even SHLVL values it is succeeding.

The strange thing is when I ran from the remote shell. My "rsh" shell is
set to use "/usr/bin/bash"
I ran the application on remote shell (using rsh) then the application
is running properly.
In all levels of SHLVL, it is running properly.

Can you please suggest us a solution to solve this problem?


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