ncurses not found when compiling various packages

bertrand marquis
Mon Jul 19 12:01:00 GMT 2004

you should ckeck if there is links between ncurses and curses files.
ex: curses.h -> ncurses.h etc
if not you should reinstall libncurses


Thorsten Kampe a écrit:

>I often get the message from configure scripts for applications that
>are curses-based that no ncurses could be found (although it actually
>is installed[1] and many applications happily use it)
>What's going wrong and how can I point the configure script to my
>"ncurses" dlls? Any environment variable or something like that?
>[1] cygcheck -c
>libncurses5  5.2-1 OK
>libncurses6  5.2-8 OK
>libncurses7  5.3-4 OK
>ncurses      5.3-4 OK
>ncurses-demo 5.3-4 OK
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