[cygwin tips&tricks] Shortcut to vim in "Send to" folder

Tomasz Rojek tiroy@poczta.onet.pl
Mon Jul 19 06:47:00 GMT 2004

Hi all,

I would like to share with this tip with any cygwin newbie (all the cygwin
developers know it for sure :)
I use a few text editors in my daily work, today I finally ;) came to idea
to have a shortcut pointing to vim in my "Send to" right click submenu. I
use this command in a shortcut to run vim in rxvt window:

C:\FOLDER\cygwin\bin\rxvt.exe -display :0 -T vim -vb -sr -sl 10000 -bg
black -cr white -fg LightSteelBlue1 -j -fn
"-b&h-lucidatypewriter-medium-r-normal-sans-0-0-14-14-m-0-iso8859-2" -e

Sending a file to vim works fine, drag&dropping any file on above shortcut
opens the file in vim too.


Tomasz Rojek

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