Whack-a-Mole: Purging Cygnus from Registry

Dave Korn dk@artimi.com
Fri Jul 16 13:49:00 GMT 2004

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> I'm using an rsyncd package that uses its own version of cygwin, and 
> does not play nice when installed on a machine with Cygwin.  
> It is part 
> of BackupPC, which is turning out to be an incredible piece of backup 
> software.
> So, I've got one Windows XP machine that is seemingly possessed -- I 
> have removed the cygwin dir, have triple-checked running 
> processes and 
> services and don't see anything that I *think* is Cygwin related.
> But here is the kicker:  no matter how (or how many) times I 
> purge the 
> "Cygnus Solutions" entries from the XP registry, they come right back 
> -- something is re-creating them.  I delete the keys, start 
> it back up, 
> and there is Cygnus again.  It is truly bizarre!
> What should I check to make sure there are no processes or services 
> running?  Somebody give me the "paranoid" / overkill options here.

  Use the windows task manager to make sure, if you like, or something like
process explorer from www.sysinternals.com

> Second, if that should fail, does anyone know what 
> specifically creates 
> the registry entries?  Can we work backwards from there to find the 
> culprit?

  IIUIC the cygwin dll recreates them if they're missing any time a cygwin
app fires up.

  If you really can't find a running task, that suggests that it's some
service that's been installed with cygrunsrv.  What was that you were saying
about an rsyncd?  What does the output of "net start" show you?

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