UNC Pathname Handling within Applications

Thorsten Haude nedit@thorstenhau.de
Fri Jul 16 13:35:00 GMT 2004


* Corinna Vinschen wrote (2004-07-16 15:01):
>even if I repeat other postings, please note that double slashes are
>absolutely fine according to the standards.  Leading double slashes may
>have a special meaning on POSIX implementations and the *well* *known*
>Windows specific meaning is an UNC path for accessing network (CIFS)
>shares.  Honestly, there should be no surprise in that fact to users
>of your software.  If you really want to mangle file names in your
>application instead of just leaving them alone, then your application
>should honor that fact, to be *portable*.
>This isn't us being mean, as usual, that's just fact.

I already agreed that it should be supported, so what's missing?

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