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Corinna Vinschen
Wed Jul 14 15:11:00 GMT 2004

On Jul 14 10:31, Larry Hall wrote:
> At 12:47 AM 7/14/2004, you wrote:
> >Larry Hall <> wrote:
> >> At 10:16 PM 7/13/2004, you wrote:
> >>> <> wrote:
> >>>> I appear to have both exim and ssmtp installed; but I see that
> >>>> /usr/sbin/sendmail is a symlink to /usr/bin/ssmtp.  Fair enough, if
> >>>> interesting.
> >>>
> >>>In fact, the ssmtp package does not create the sendmail symlink.
> >>>As far as I can tell, no Cygwin package sets up such a symlink.
> >>
> >> Actually, I can vouch for exim setting up such a symlink. 
> >
> >But presumably not to ssmtp.
> Correct.  The symlink created points to exim.
> >> Also, it
> >> appears that the cron package will create a link to ssmtp if one doesn't
> >> exist, even if ssmtp is not installed.
> >
> >Sorry for the misinformation.  Maybe the cron package readme should 
> >mention how to configure ssmtp (or maybe it does already).
> No, it doesn't.  This does raise a question about whether the cron package 
> should list ssmtp as a dependency though.

The cron postinstall script sets up a symlink to ssmtp if /usr/sbin/sendmail
doesn't already exist.

I don't think cron should contain a dependency to ssmtp though.  It would
be the same as to have a dependency to exim.  And why should cron.README
contain hints about how to set up ssmtp?  That's the job for the ssmtp README, isn't it?


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