rsync very slow, but not a network issue

Alexis Gallagher
Tue Jul 13 11:52:00 GMT 2004


Now this is progress. When I use '--size-only' then I do see a speedup. 
The 'transfer' is virtually instantaneous on the stopwatch, and 'rsync 
--stats' reports a speed of a mere 25 bytes/sec but with a reported 
speedup of 78125.

I can see why this works, but I remain confused why I should need to 
resort to it. This is basically dispensing with the rsync algorithm, no?

The cygwin machine is a Pentium III, 966 Mhz, 512MB of RAM. And the OSX 
machine is a 1 Ghz PowerPC G4 with 256MB of RAM. I can't believe 
everyone would use rsync as much as they do if it were not useful on 
machines of such specifications.

Is there a way to benchmark its hashing algorithm on both sides? Maybe 
the rsync process is getting insufficient priority on one side of the 
transfer? I remain

Alexis Gallagher

Steven Hartland wrote:

> Alexis Gallagher wrote:
>> So it's taking much longer in real time when the file is already
>> there, which is exactly the situation where rsync is supposed to
>> accelerate teh transfer.
>> The cygwin machine is a Pentium III 1Ghz, and the eMac is a bit
>> faster I believe. This should be fast enough that it's not
>> bottlenecking on the hash computation, I think.
 > Are you using "--size-only"? Depending on the processor the check of
 > the file chunks can be slower.

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