rsync very slow, but not a network issue

Steven Hartland
Tue Jul 13 11:12:00 GMT 2004

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From: "Alexis Gallagher"

> In any event I checked Reini's theory using a 5 MB text file that
> consists only of x's and newlines. So unlike an MP3, this file is
> non-binary and extremely compressible. And what I observed was as follows:
>    scp: 348800 bytes/sec
>    rsync (file not there): 303075 bytes/sec, with speedup of 1
>    rsync (file already there): 733 bytes/sec, with speedup of 70
> This is pretty much exactly the same problem as I was having with the
> MP3 file. And I'm still quite puzzled.

Is this not because its showing you the network transfer rate i.e. spending
all its time doing compression and therefore not having to do actual
network transfers? How long did each test take?


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