Extending long threads

Andrew DeFaria Andrew@DeFaria.com
Sat Jul 10 04:54:00 GMT 2004


>> As a person who regularly uses HTML style email and posting (much to 
>> many peoples chargrin and complaints) I rarely "fester" them with 
>> "all" sorts of colors and fonts. Other HTML emails and posts I 
>> receive are also rarely "festered" with all sorts of colors and 
>> fonts. Why? Because doing so takes time, knowledge and effort and 
>> most people simply don't take the time, have the knowledge nor can be 
>> bothered with the effort required. As such I don't think such an 
>> argument holds much water. IOW I think if people of your opinion see 
>> just one bolding they'll call it "festered with all sorts of colors 
>> and fonts".
> There's three reasons people knee-jerk against HTML email:
> 1. It isn't ASCII 

Sure it is! It is exactly ASCII. It just has tags and you just don't 
like the tags that's all.

> (i.e. the "Back in my day a child would open up a gift and within 
> seconds he'd either burst into flames or lose a limb! That's the way 
> it was and we liked it!"[1] Defense).

Not sure what this means nor how it's relevent.

> 2a. There isn't an email program alive which can do a "Reply" to an 
> HTML email properly.

Define properly. Mine works just fine. Sorry you're having problems.

> 2b. ...especially those which support VT-100 terminals.

Get a new terminal!

> 3. The lines are longer than 80 characters ;-).

Sometimes. For example this line isn't! :-)

> I fall under category 2a, but my knee isn't jerking: If Outlook didn't 
> absolutely s*ck *ss at "editing" HTML I wouldn't care.

You left off the most important reasons - it's not what you are 
accustomed to and your reading software of choice is inept.

Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.

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