ls -l | less shows "escape" chars

Thu Jul 1 13:39:00 GMT 2004

Clemson, Chris wrote, On 7/1/2004 9:13 AM:

>>>that looks suspiciously like ANSI (colour) escape codes.
>>>is your terminal setting correct?
>>$ echo $TERM
> hmm, try setting TERM to vt100 or something, as that's quite a simple
> terminal type and doesn't do anything fancy other than bold and underline.
> of course, if your terminfo/termcap stuff knows about cygwin, you could set
> TERM=cygwin instead.
> chrisb

export TERM=vt100
had no effect.

Where is the terminfo/termcap stuff?

Could it be significant that I installed and am using rxvt shell? 
However, when I use the default cygwin terminal I see the same thing.

Lit up like Levy's

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