perlcc does not work on my cygwin-please help

Franz Wolfhagen
Thu Jan 29 10:04:00 GMT 2004

zzapper wrote :

>perlcc works fine for me on XP but what's the point of it if it
>requires cygwin1.dll to run an executable???

Well - I think this is a more generic question : whenever you compile a
program the relies on cygwin1.dll (or other cygwin dlls) and wants to
distribute them.

I believe that whenever you do this to an uncontrolled audience the only
decent way is to create a cygwin package and have the users install it via
setup.exe - else your setup is bound to create problems for some in the

For the specific case I believe it only makes sense to use in cygwin
environments where you do not want to have the users rely on the
installation of the cygwin perl package....

Med venlig hilsen / Regards
Franz Wolfhagen

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