Probably stupid question about line termination

Dave Korn
Tue Jan 27 15:50:00 GMT 2004

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[Contact me via the list, rather than CC'ing me, please.  That way all the
answers to all people's problems end up in the public searchable archive,
not just in people's private inboxes.  Also, someone would already have
answered you by now, whereas by mailing me privately you didn't get an
answer until today because I wasn't in the office overnight.]

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> To: Dave Korn
> Subject: RE: Probably stupid question about line termination
> Is there any way to change the 'install-time' mode other than 
> to de-install and reinstall?

  Yep.  Just re-run setup.exe, choosing 'install from directory' at the
"Choose installation type" page.  When you get to the "Choose installation
directory" stage of setup, you get a chance to set the default text file
type again.  Just choose the option you want for your default file type.
Continue with setup; it should scan all the existing cygwin packages that
you've already downloaded and installed and report that there's nothing to
install/update, but don't worry: it will still have set up your default file
type for you.  Bingo!  Job done :)

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