w2k terminal sessions and cygwin

Layton Davis laytond@hotpop.com
Sun Jan 25 22:26:00 GMT 2004

I know that there have been several mailings on this subject. And indeed 
the answer has been posted, but it is not stated clearly -- as in 
somebody asked about it again on 12 January, and it took me a day or so 
to figure out what I read and put it togeather.

What I will do is describe the steps I took to make it work

1) I created a new group called "cygwin"
2) as an administrator I started the cygwin environent
3) at the cygwin prompt I typed the following command
                 editrights.exe -u cygwin -a SeCreateGlobalPrivilege
4) add the cygwin group to those users who should be able to access cygwin

The new privileges should be available to the users the next time they 
sign on.

Also, if you only have 1 or 2 users who will need the cygwin 
environment, and you know that those users will not change, you may find 
it just as easy to skip the new group, and directly apply the privilege 
to the user profile(s). My experience has been that change is the norm, 
so I really would suggest using the group, as it is easier to maintain, 
and makes your intentions clear to any admin who would need to follow 
you on that system

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