installation freezes at /usr/bin/idle

Dave Korn
Fri Jan 23 19:09:00 GMT 2004

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> afternoon). I would like to also point out that I tried the following:
> unselect Python during the package section phase
> result:
> set freezes when trying to installed rcs (which is the next package)
> I suspect that some windows service/process is conflicting 
> with cygwin, as I had similar freezing problem long ago with 
> Norton Anti-Virus Enterprise.
> However this is a new installation on this computer with 
> win2k3 standard. The only software I got on it so far are MS 
> Office System 2k3.

  I've seen very similar behaviour from setup.exe once before myself.

  Alas it was quite a while ago and I didn't make notes, so this can't be
more than a sort of 'yes, that does happen' rather than a proper bugreport.
Sorry.  However at least I have a few suggestions to try to work round it.

  Anyway, setup was definitely doing the same sort of thing: getting most of
the way through an install, then hanging solid during one package; and I got
the same sort of results, too: when I tried it again, it hung in the same
place every time; if I tried deselecting the package that it was hanging on,
it would get a bit further and hang there.

  I solved it in the end though.  I can't remember whether I just kept on
trying until setup finally managed to get all the way through the list of
packages, or whether I got there by repeatedly installing packages in
smaller groups, or whether I had to blow away my entire cygwin download
directory and start again, but I got through it in the end and it never

  I'm inclined just on the basis of a half-remembered memory to think that
it was blowing away the download dir that finally fixed it, but I'm not
sure.  The one thing I am fairly certain of is that it wasn't down to any
interference from services / firewall / antivirus.  Anyway, I wrote it off
as a temporary glitch and never had cause to worry about it again.  Hope one
of these solutions works for you too.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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