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Dave Korn
Wed Jan 21 17:34:00 GMT 2004


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> I have installed Cygwin 1.5.5 on a Win2000 box. I included 
> all of the packages, just to be safe. But I can't figure out 
> where to add services to the init process. cygwin.bat starts 
> the bash shell fine and I have set the PATH and some variables there.

  There is no init process under cygwin.

> I want to start PostgreSQL and cvs only when I have the 
> Cygwin session window open.

  That'll *really* slow down opening the cygwin bash shell if it has to
start up a couple of heavy-duty servers every time, but it's your choice.

> Where do I put the commands?

That is to say, the .bashrc in your $HOME directory.

> I have created a script to start and stop these services from 
> the command line, but would really like to automate the process.

See also
which details how you could get the cygwin version of postgresql up and
running as a system service.  I haven't tried that myself so I can't vouch
for it personally but it looks like it ought to work to me....

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