Cygwin/DBD::ODBC issue

Jason Tishler
Mon Jan 19 23:23:00 GMT 2004

On Sat, Jan 17, 2004 at 02:34:35PM -0800, Rafael Kitover wrote:
> >There is nameclash, postgresql-7.4.1-3 includes the file
> >/usr/include/sqltypes.h and libiodbc-3.51.1 includes a file with the
> >same name, additional there is a file with the same name included in
> >the w32api-2.4-1 package, though this is in the /usr/include/w32api
> >directory and is picked up at last from gcc.
> Yup, the postgres maintainer Jason Tishler resolved this issue, so
> upgrading postgres removes its version from /usr/include.

Actually, I cannot take credit for the above -- one of the core
PostgreSQL developers resolved this issue.

Nevertheless, their is no name clash with sqltypes.h in

    $ cygcheck -cd postgresql
    Cygwin Package Information
    Package              Version        
    postgresql           7.4.1-3        
    $ zcat /etc/setup/postgresql.lst.gz | fgrep sqltypes.h


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