Brian Dessent
Fri Jan 9 02:47:00 GMT 2004

"H. James de St. Germain" wrote:

> at the time... Its curious that it works in either place and even more
> curious that placing it after cygwin starts causes programs like rxvt
> to core dump.

Why should that be curious?  As Chris pointed out it has to be set
before cygwin1.dll initializes.  If you set it in any kind of rc or
dotfile it's too late, as you're already running a shell and/or rxvt by
that point, all of which are Cygwin apps that load cygwin1.dll.  If you
put it in the batch file before the first Cygwin program runs, it will
be set when the DLL does its initialization, so everything is fine.  You
can also set it with Windows own Environment Variables setting page,
which causes it to be set in the registry and active for all processes,
not just the Cygwin.bat.  I think this is required if you have any
Cygwin apps running as a service.


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