does syslog works only for SYSTEM account on w2k?

Scott Bolte
Mon Sep 29 12:24:00 GMT 2003

> > It seems like cygwin syslog on w2k, both the logger command the
> > syslog(3) routine, works only for the SYSTEM account. Is that true?
> No.  Perhaps the users privileges don't allow that?  Members of the
> group "Users" (or the native analogon) have the appropriate permissions
> by default.

	I expect my test user has sufficient privileges.  It is
	in groups None, Administrators, Power Users, and User.

	I guess I'll try to learn more about the internals of w2k,
	more then I ever wanted to know, starting with ReportEventA().

	Unfortunately my configure of cygwin-1.5.5-1 died looking
	for an errant install-sh. In case my w2k environment is
	insufficient to build cygwin from scratch, could you add a
	check of return code from ReportEventA()? That might shed
	light on the problem.

		Thank you,


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