perl-5.8.1 debugging version available

Charles Wilson
Sun Sep 28 04:16:00 GMT 2003

Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

> Some technical information:
> It is compiled with gcc-3.3.1 under cygwin-1.5.5, linked against
> libcrypt and libutil, some modules are linked against zlib, libdb4 and
> libgdbm4, I used the latest binutils.

Why do you need libutil?  everything in libutil (except for two internal 
symbols) is now part of newlib and is exported by cygwin...

00000000 T _forkpty
00000150 T _endusershell
00000050 T _getusershell
000000f0 T _setusershell
00000110 T _iruserok
00000000 T _ruserok
00000000 T _login_tty
00000084 T _logwtmp
00000000 T _revoke
0000000c T _openpty


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