perl-5.8.1 debugging version available

Gerrit P. Haase
Sat Sep 27 19:49:00 GMT 2003


Now after perl-5.8.1 was finally released, I've made a debugging
version available at first.  This will not be distributed via the
Cygwin mirrors and is not installable via setup.exe.

But you can fetch it from the CPAN mirror which is nearest to you:

where $CPAN is the mirror you select from the list of 238 mirrors

Extract the perl_debug-5.8.1-2-srctree.tar.bz2 from the Cygwin root
directory, it will create a tree under /tmp/perl/...
Do the same with perl_debug-5.8.1-2.tar.bz2, it will install into
/usr/bin/..., /usr/lib/perl5/... and /usr/share/doc/perl-5.8.1/...

The perl_debug-5.8.1-2-src.tar.bz2 contains all the source packages
and scripts which are needed to rebuild from scratch.

This release is mainly for Nicholas Wourms and other Win98/Cygwin/Perl
users who reported problems with Cygwin Perl releases and who may be
interested in debugging the problems with Perl under Win98 like

Please try this first release of the final perl-5.8.1 and report back
if it works for you or not.

Some technical information:
It is compiled with gcc-3.3.1 under cygwin-1.5.5, linked against
libcrypt and libutil, some modules are linked against zlib, libdb4 and
libgdbm4, I used the latest binutils.

I'm interested in: i.e.
   - are your favourite modules building?
   - is it possible to build modules using e.g. gcc-3.2?
   - is it possible to run /usr/bin/cpan to install modules (i.e with
   - your favourite topic here ...


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