David Christensen
Fri Sep 26 23:23:00 GMT 2003

Cristina Fischer wrote:
> I am posgraduatio (master degrree) in Brazil I would like use cygwin
> so that I can create simulation network
> I am new programmer using cygwin. I would like to get
> 1. when I can get download software cygwin to environment windows 2000
> 2. I would like to know about configurate my hardware(setup) to run
>    cywin
> manual and so on

Understand that Cygwin is a port of the GNU software tool suite to
Windows.  It includes many programs, including shells, editors,
interpreters, compilers, linkers, etc..  If you are familiar with
GNU/Linux and the Bash shell, it should be a comfortable environment.
If not, I recommend that you read the following books:

    Cameron Newham & Bill Rosenblatt, 1998, "Learning the Bash Shell",
    2 ed., O'Reilly & Associates, ISBN 1-56592-347-2.

    Jerry Peek, Grace Todino, & John Strang, 1998, "Learning the UNIX
    Operating System", 4 ed., O'Reilly & Associates, ISBN 1-56592-390-1.

Cygwin works fine on Windows 2000 (what I use).

To get Cygwin onto a Windows computer, I first download the Cygwin Setup
program from:

Look for the icon labeled "Install or update now! (using setup.exe)".
Download setup.exe to your hard disk.  I recommend the following
location (create directories as necessary):


Next, read the instructions for using Cygwin Setup:

I prefer to download packages from the Internet and then install them.
This requires running Cygwin Setup twice -- once to download the
packages and a second time to install the packages.  There is also a
third option for installing directly from the Internet, but having the
packages on your hard drive can be useful from time to time.

I also prefer to download and install only the base packages first.  I
have Cygwin Setup create the Start menu and desktop icons on this pass.
I then "test drive" Cygwin and make any necessary adjustments (.bashrc,
.bash_profile, .vimrc, .inputrc, etc.).

I then repeat the download/install process for whatever other packages I
want.  I skip the icon creation process.  For your programming needs,
you will likely want to download and install packages in the
"Development" category.

As for manuals, I mostly use the Cygwin Bash shell.  Thus, "man" and
"info" are what I use the most.  You may also find HTML documentation on
the web and/or in the Cygwin installation tree (look under



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