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Igor Pechtchanski
Fri Sep 26 13:58:00 GMT 2003


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On Fri, 26 Sep 2003, Cristina Fischer wrote:

> Urgent
> I am posgraduatio (master degrree) in Brazil I would like use cygwin so
> that I can create simulation network
> I am new programmer using cygwin. I would like to get
> 1. when I can get download software cygwin to environment windows 2000


> 2. I would like to know about
>         configurate my hardware(setup) to run cywin

You generally don't need to configure your hardware to run Cygwin.  Cygwin
is a software emulation layer *on top* of Windows.  If your Windows runs,
so should Cygwin.

>         manual and so on

Most of the information about Cygwin is on the Cygwin web site
(<>) and in the mailing list archives
(<>).  There is a "cygwin-doc" documentation
package that contains the User's guide, the FAQ, and some other things, in
case you prefer having the files on your local machine instead of online.
You install "cygwin-doc" using the setup.exe application (which you'll
read about in the link I provided for question #1), and it should add a
Start Menu item for Cygwin documentation.

> Thank you very much
> Engineer Maria Cristina Fischer de Toledo

Hope this helps,
P.S. It would have helped to have a better subject in your message (see
the one I've changed it to).  I almost dismissed your message as SPAM
based on the subject.  Just FYI.
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