How about a TWIKI page?

Marco Carnut
Thu Sep 25 03:03:00 GMT 2003

Hi folks,

Mark Paulus wrote:

> Perhaps, instead of creating/adding all the issues that
> are coming up to the FAQ, how about running a  
> TWIKI application, and linking it to the cygwin home page, 
> and then using that as cygwin's "expert system"?
> Just a thought.

I'm for it. I can even volunteer to host it, or, if someone
else has a better place, install/maintain it.

Although I'm involved in writing a PKI-Enabled version of
TWiki, I'd reccomend using name-and-password for most users.
Client certs, although much more secure, are a pain to use
in most browsers.

--Marco "Kiko" Carnut, CISSP
--Tempest Security Technologies --

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