feature requests for setup

peter garrone pgarrone@linuxmail.org
Wed Sep 24 02:32:00 GMT 2003

Hi, I thought I would note some desirable features in setup
that would save dickheads such as myself much time.

- Have setup check with the mirror to see if the setup program itself 
   has been upgraded. For people who dont read announcements.

- If installing from the local directory, possibly only do the MD5
  checksum for packages that are actually going to be installed,
  because it now checks every package whenever it starts. Or
  at least after an install cycle is complete, allow an option to go back,
  so the recheck can skipped, or even both these ideas.

- That "packages" directory default. Sometimes setup drops "packages"
  from its default, allowing very wierd directory hierarchies indeed,
  if downloading from somewhere. From bitter experience, I always make
  sure this particular field ends in "packages".

- Have some of those little popup messages on the title, i.e. b -> binary,
  s->source, after an interval the only b and s I can think of is
  bachelors and spinsters. resizeable window perhaps.

Dont get me wrong, my admiration for setup is boundless, mainly because
it is the only thing that can punch through our corporate firewall, besides
internet explorer. Be great to have source for it, or at least a cvs grab
utility based on it.
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