Problem with perl distro?

Peter M Aarestad
Tue Sep 23 19:15:00 GMT 2003

-- "DePriest, Jason R." <> wrote:

> Speaking of builds, can you please specify which version of perl you are
> using under Cygwin and which version of ActiveState Perl you are using?

According to setup.exe, I have cygwin 1.5.5-1 and perl 5.8.0-5 installed. My version of ActiveState Perl is 5.8.0 build 806 (just downloaded today to test this anomaly out). FWIW, I'm running everything on an NT4 SP6 machine.

> Also, if you run your script with ActiveState using the '-w' modifier
> does it give you the same error you get with Cygwin perl?

perl -w works fine for ActivePerl - no warnings. Plus, my script uses the "warnings" and "strict" pragmas.


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