Cygwin 1.5.5 Configuration problem

Hughes, Bill
Tue Sep 23 16:13:00 GMT 2003

Sent: 23 September 2003 16:20  From: Igor Pechtchanski
> Look at the logs (/var/log/setup.log{,.full}).  Did "base-files" get
> installed?
>	Igor

No. It's not in the cygcheck output either. Weird, I selected install for
'all' in setup and then de-selected ghostscript as I was playing with that
and Redmon at the time, I have no idea how "base-files" was set to "skip"
but it was.
I suppose it's "mea culpa" but I really have no idea how, apologies all, and
thanks for the patience.
I don't know if I should mention it but I've (re-)installed base-files and
man still doesn't work.

Thank you again Igor, for your help.

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