Tcl/Tk wish shell execution problem under bash
Mon Sep 22 20:44:00 GMT 2003

I would like to report the same Tcl/Tk wish shell hang problem that Jeff 
Russell brought up.  I followed the thread on this issue and have been left 
confused as to how to solve it.

Recap: wish84 fails to bring up the command line shell while instantiating the 
window frame correctly.  Running "strace -w /bin/wish84" avoids the problem 
(through recourse to Win exec rather than Cygwin exec).  An error report 
excerpt from strace was supplied by Jeff (11/18/2003); I have similar errors. 

The problem remains on snapshot cygwin1-20030919.dll.

I need to call wish from bash or equivalent - is there a workaround or bug fix?

Colin Stark

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