mutt and 8 bit characters

David A. Case
Sun Sep 21 23:24:00 GMT 2003

On Sun, Sep 21, 2003, Tony Arnold wrote:

> I've seen references to this problem in the mailing list archives, but not a
> suggestion for a work around or hint of a fix being on its way. The problem
> is that if I try to reply to a message with 8 bit characters (e.g., UK
> currency symbol, accented characters) then mutt crashes with a message about

I know of two workarounds: (1) revert to version 1.8xx of libiconv; (2)
grab the mutt sources and re-compile/re-link against the current version of 

Path (2) has worked for me; I used path (1) for a while, but it is likely that
other things that depend upon libiconv would become broken, so this is likely
to be a less-good solution.

..good luck...dac

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