getopt: ugly linker messages

Christopher Faylor
Sun Sep 21 00:04:00 GMT 2003

On Sun, Sep 21, 2003 at 01:43:54AM +0200, Ivan Warren wrote:
>>Sigh.  By "research", I meant dive into the binutils code and figure
>>out what is going wrong.
>Geez..  You kidding me ?  I mean, I wouldn't mind doing that..

Are you not a native English speaker or are you just trolling now?

This is what I said:

"Apparently, no one knows the answer to your question and, apparently,
no one is interested in researching the problem for you."

In this context, it is clear what I was saying.  I was saying that no
one *else* wanted to *debug* your problem.  I wasn't saying "You do it",
even though, realistically speaking, that is probably your best

(and now here comes another round of "I've already worked so hard and I
don't know nothing about no binutils"...)

>>You already posted to the binutils mailing list, remember?
>Yeah..  Of course I do remember that..  (not senile yet ;-) )..  But
>unfortunatelly, I made the same mistake I did here : I told them I
>*DID* post in the other forum.  Thus leading to the effect that each
>list thinks it's a problem that is in the other group field of

You're assuming here.  This is obviously a binutils issue.  The fact
that no one responded to it, is very likely the same reason that no
one responded here.

>So my option is now to tell the binutils folks that the cygwin folks
>are declaring this issue to be a binutils core issue and that it has
>nothing to do with cygwin (although it does affect it)..  Am I correct

I would assume that anyone in the binutils mailing list who saw errors
with import libraries would not assume "Aha! It's obviously a problem
with the Cygwin DLL! I don't have to worry about this one".  So, anyone
who was interested in this problem would already be clear on where the
fault lies from your original message.

Just to be clear: I do provide the binutils package to the cygwin
community but I don't have the time or inclination to track the problem
down.  There are a few people reading the binutils mailing list who are
more facile with the code than I.  They are, of course, also volunteers.

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