getopt: ugly linker messages

Ivan Warren
Sat Sep 20 19:40:00 GMT 2003

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> > And.. Hmmm..
> >
> > I *think* auto import of data variables may be somewhat broken (and 
> > declared import of data variables too) if
> >
> > 1) The import library is stripped with --strip-unneeded
> >    and/or
> > 2) The import is from another DLL (.exe -> .dll[func] -> .dll[data])
> >
> > (See msg dated 9/17/03 which seems to have been drowned.. 
> There is a 
> > test case in it)
> >
> > --Ivan
> >
> Okies...
> Does anyone know at least if it's a cygwin or core binutils 
> issue ? Or if I am at least looking in the right direction ?
> --Ivan

Sniff.. Why am I being ignored ?

I thought I had a quite thoroughly documented problem.

I have a test case which I posted 4 days ago..
( and I asked again
yesterday if I was at least looking in the right direction. But it's just
like the messages are not even getting there (I know they are - they are on
the mailing list archive..)

I know this is a community effort and that no-one is obliged to answer (no,
I didn't go for the pay support.. I am working on an open source project, so
I don't have the monetary resource to spend).

But it's just frustrating.

The problem is I don't really understand the internals of the PE 386 binder
(or I would surelly propose a patch).

Also if the problem is a core "binutils" issue, please someone tell me (and
then I'll go bug the binutils folks !)


However, in the meanwhile I have a workaround, so it's not an emergency..

(Workaround : The issue lies when the Makefile is generated with automake &
libtool - the 'make strip' insist on stripping the import library - the
workaround involves patching the libtool.m4 AC_LIBTOOL_SYS_LIBSTRIP macro to
force it NOT to strip libs on cygwin).


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