automake & libtool source package build script errors

Charles Wilson
Fri Sep 19 04:31:00 GMT 2003

Doru Carastan wrote:

> I have found a couple of source packages with 
> scripts sensitive to the spaces that 
> one might have in the system DOS PATH. The scripts fail when the PATH 
> settings are saved/restored. The affected packages are at least the 
> following:
> automake-1.7.5a
> automake-devel-1.7.3
> automake-stable-1.4
> libtool-1.5a
> libtool-devel-1.5
> libtool-stable-1.4.3
> Please consider the attached patch files.

Thanks for sending the patches.   I'll incorporate them on a rolling 
basis, as each package is upgrading in the ordinary course of events -- 
so it may be awhile before all of them make their way into the various 


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