Current OpenJade and DocBook SGML status

Joshua Daniel Franklin
Fri Sep 19 03:21:00 GMT 2003

> Mensaje citado de Joshua Daniel Franklin el 15/09/2003 22:38:
> > A while ago I put a temporary mirror with the packages formerly at
> >; to use, add
> > to your mirrors in setup.exe (or to /etc/setup/last-mirror) and look for
> > the packages in the chooser. There is also a "helper package" called
> > cygwin-doc-build that should grab everything you need for a working SGML
> > DocBook install. At least, it works for me to build the Cygwin documentation
> Thanks a lot for this info. Nevertheless, this packages also core dump 
> for me. So, maybe there is something wrong with my system or my setup.

Well, you might read <> and see if any
of the suggestions there help. What exactly dumps core (openjade, etc)?
Have you tried XML as suggested?

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