Pine 4.58 Cygwin issue

Eduardo Chappa
Thu Sep 18 17:26:00 GMT 2003

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*** Victor Stepanov ( wrote in the pine-info list today:

:) I'm experienced strange behavior of Pine 4.58 under Cygwin environment.
:) Some of fields on index screen is missing... Screenshot attached. Also
:) message display is not working correct. Any ideas?

[ screenshot available at]

Dear Victor,

  The place to report bugs in cygwing application is the cygwin mailing
list (cygwin at cygwin punto com). Version 4.58 is *not* a supported
version in cygwin. As you must have noticed, the last release of Pine for
cygwin was 4.55 (under the 1.3.X world), not 4.56, not 4.58. That is
because during that version of Pine, cygwin was in version 1.3.X. Having
said that. None of the supported versions, either, (built under Cygwin
1.5.X) work under Cygwin 1.5.X.

  Please read, so that you learn how to
report a problem with a cygwin application.

I am trying to look into this issue, and I am afraid that I will have to
build Pine in a 32bit world rather than upgrade it to the 64bit world,
which seems like a lot of work to make (e.g the size of off_t is bigger
than the size of unsigned long in the 64bit world. To adapt this to the
c-client library is non trivial for me).

I do not have a connection to the internet at home still, probably until
next week, so I can't make all tests that I want to make yet.

I still have to research this issue further. When I have understood all
the problems involved I will try to come up with a solution. At this
moment I don't understand much of the problem. Given how much stuff is
going on in my life today, don't hold your breath for it.

Please keep this discussion within the cygwin mailing list. I have Bcc'd
my reply to the pine-info list for courtesy. If you are not subscribed to
the cygwin mailing list, please us the gateway through gmane
( You can Cc: me if you want to.

If anyone wants to help to build Pine 4.58 for Cygwin 1.5.X, I would
appreciate that help.



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