Tcl/Tk wish shell execution problem under bash

Jeff Russell
Thu Sep 18 15:04:00 GMT 2003

> This validates my WAG somewhat.  Does "strace -o wish.strace bash -c
> wish84" reproduce the hang?  The reason is that, IIRC, strace uses Windows
> exec mechanisms, rather than Cygwin's, so you need to force Cygwin's exec
> by running bash first.
I get it...
"strace -o wish.strace -w bash -c /bin/wish84" reproduces the hang (after
about 1MB of log file).  My (naive) take on the relevant end of the log file
seems to show that wish84 is busy searching paths for a file without any
interesting error messages. However, about 1/3 through the attached file,
_cygwin_istext_for_stdio seems to report an error.  The last 100 lines of
the strace output are attached.

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