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Larry Hall
Wed Sep 17 19:39:00 GMT 2003

At 01:44 PM 9/17/2003, Philippe Bastiani you wrote:
>Thanks for your reply!
>>  Ask that in any linux/unix/bash/fileutils forum - it's off topic here.
>> I've been there wondering too, but not bothered to ask.
>When I read your reply, I understand that my question is off-topic...
>But, on SunOS & HP-UX, I never used this option! On this 2 platforms, it
>seems to me that 'ls' manages the accentuated characters without additional

GNU is not Unix.  Sun's and HP's implementation of 'ls' is certainly 
different that GNUs.

>If I understand,  the --show-control-chars option is specific to
>Cygwin (and maybe Linux)... and, my question does not seem to me

Discussion of the '--show-control-chars' option for GNU's 'ls' is 
off-topic for this list.  It's reason for being and general usage 
is better addressed by the documentation for GNU 'ls'.  Discussion about
the feature though is better handled by the list(s) dedicated to the
development of GNU 'ls', since GNU 'ls' is a cross-platform utility.  
If you find that this option doesn't work for you in Cygwin environments, 
then that would be on-topic for this list. 


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