"cvs update" doesn't update

Dai Itasaka ditasaka@silverbacksystems.com
Tue Sep 16 19:05:00 GMT 2003

I noticed that the cvs isn't working. To be precise, "cvs update" or
"cvs checkout" doesn't update any older revisioned file. Say, I have
a local copy of a file named "source.c" of Rev. 1.11. If I do
"cvs log source.c", it shows the latest revision is now 1.16. But
"cvs update" or "cvs co" doesn't replace the v1.11 file with v1.16.

I had no problem updating files using the cygwin cvs as a client
until I updated to the latest version(1.11.6-3) on last Friday
along with a new Cygwin base(1.5.3-1). The Cygwin base was
updated to 1.5.4-1 on Monday.

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