Cygwin, Rsync and 8-bit chars (SJIS)

Dylan Cuthbert
Tue Sep 16 14:42:00 GMT 2003

After reading up some more about Cygwin's libs, I think the
double-backslashes that are appearing are causing cygwin to think the path
is a DOS path, not a posix-style one.

The reason the backslashes are there is because SJIS uses them as the second
character in the encoding of some of its double-byte characters, I can't
change that unfortunately.

If this is the case then I could really do with some secret CYGWIN flag
(couldn't find it in the user guide) that can disable the DOS path parsing
temporarily, by using [env CYGWIN=nodospaths tty ntsec rsync "blah"]  for

Anybody got a clue as to what to do here?  It seems as if Cygwin might be
broken when it comes to SJIS filenames because of this, maybe the "is this a
DOS path" check could be more stringent?  If the path has forward slashes,
even one, maybe it can be left untouched?


Q-Games, Dylan Cuthbert.

"Dylan Cuthbert" <> wrote in message
> Hi there,
> I'm having a problem with SJIS encoded (windows) filenames and rsync'ing
> them anywhere.  It doesn't happen for all files and as far as I can make
> the problem occurs when the filename is fully japanese (as opposed to some
> english text followed by some japanese text).
> One of the bad filenames in question is:
> 'ls -b's output:
> \225\\\216\206.doc
> It has a triple-backslash sequence in it, maybe this is the problem?  I'm
> not sure how and why it has a triple backslash sequence as the filename
> displayed is simply 3 japanese characters.  Anyway, rsync chokes, it says
> cannot find the file and displays the correct (and existing) filename in
> japanese (when using a regular bash window)
> [some time passes]
> I just checked all the errors (about 5% of all japanese files) and the
> errors occur in the filenames with double-slash or triple-slash sequences
> them.  Anyone have any ideas 1) how the double/triple-slashes get there in
> the first place, and 2) how to fix the problem? 3) why this problem occurs
> at all, shouldn't rsync be simply getting the file strings and passing
> onto the file system library or does the file system library do some
> about with backslashes because of that c:\ conversion to /cygdrive/c stuff
> that cygwin does?  Any way to turn that off if that's the case?
> Regards
> ---------------------------------
> Q-Games, Dylan Cuthbert.

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