Are older/prior version(s) of Cygwin available for download somewhere?

Tue Sep 16 03:11:00 GMT 2003

Is there somewhere where someone could download an older version of 
cygwin binaries?

I'm currently using 1.3.22 and it's working fine, but as far as I know 
there's no place where I can download it from.

As far as I know, using the setup.exe is the only was to obtain cygwin, 
and the only version it offers is the current 1.5.3-1 version which I 
don't want. I want to be able to download, say, the 1.3.22 I'm using.

Don't you (or SOMEONE) maintain an archive of older versions somewhere 
where I can direct users to?


    "Fish"  (David B. Trout)

(spamblocks in place; actual email
 is fish (at) infidels (dot) org)

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