[FAQ] Packages reported as "Incomplete" by "cygcheck -c"

Igor Pechtchanski pechtcha@cs.nyu.edu
Mon Sep 15 17:18:00 GMT 2003

Hi all,

There seem to be a lot of questions about the new feature of "cygcheck -c"
that checks whether all package files are present.  I'll try to address
some of the concerns/FAQs here:

Q: What is this "Status" thing?
A: In recent versions of Cygwin, "cygcheck -c" will check package
   installations to see if all the originally installed files are present.
   If any of these files are missing, cygcheck will report the package
   status as "Incomplete".  Otherwise, it will report the package as "OK".
   To get the full list of missing files, run in verbose mode (add a "-v"
   option, i.e., "cygcheck -c -v").

Q: What exactly does it do?
A: The new feature opens the manifest file for the package that setup
   keeps, and checks whether all the files in that manifest are present on
   your system.  It does not check that the files are the same ones as
   were extracted from the archive.  It also does not (currently) track
   files created/renamed by postinstall scripts.

Q: This makes "cygcheck -c" so-o slow!  How do I turn it off?
A: Use the "-d" option in addition to "-c" to get the "old" functionality
   (i.e., "cygcheck -c -d").

Q: Why is "XFree86-base" ("texmf-*") reported as "Incomplete"?
A: Before Cygwin 1.5.4, "cygcheck -c" mistakenly reported empty packages
   (which don't have manifest files) as "Incomplete".  This should be
   fixed in 1.5.4 and above.  Note that in verbose mode, cygcheck will
   still complain about not being able to open the manifest file.

Q: Why are "apache" and "mod_*" packages reported as "Incomplete"?
A: The "apache" and "mod_*" packages use a postinstall script that renames
   an originally installed directory.  Therefore, that directory is not
   found by "cygcheck -c".  Suggestions on how to deal with this are
   welcome (patches doubly so ;-)).

Hopefully this alleviates some of the concerns people have.  Maybe these
should be added to the Cygwin FAQ, but I just wanted to get them into the
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