cygwin on 486 running NT3.51!

Igor Pechtchanski
Mon Sep 15 16:39:00 GMT 2003

On Mon, 15 Sep 2003, robert w hall wrote:

> Does current cygwin work
> on a 486 (Intel DX4-75) running NT3.51?
> Bob
> (Sorry, broken thread)

AFAIK, Cygwin should work on NT 3.51 (with, possibly, some other things
installed, e.g. IE5), though it's not regularly tested on this OS.  As for
using a 486, I believe I saw some packages explicitly require Pentium and
higher in their configure flags.  You'll just have to test and see.
Unless someone (CGF?) steps in with a statement that pre-Pentium
architectures aren't supported by Cygwin, please report any errors you get
to this list.  Otherwise, you're pretty much on your own.
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