Rebuilding gcc 3.3.1 under cygwin?

Tim Prince
Mon Sep 15 13:23:00 GMT 2003

On Monday 15 September 2003 06:07, Tim Prince wrote:
> On Sunday 14 September 2003 19:49, John D Rogers wrote:
> > Tim,
> >
> > Thanks for the information!  I hope ot put it to good use, especially the
> > part about copying the include directory to the location implied by
> > --prefix.
> >
My native builds and tests of the cygwin copy of gcc, obtained by setup, were 
OK, with the exception of java libraries, but including 
objc.  Test results, compared with results of past generic gcc-3.1.1 builds, 
and the test_installed results of the cygwin binary, were reasonably close.  

As Danny mentioned, one of the gcc testsuite cases reports failure, because 
-p is assumed to be synonymous with -pg.  However, all -pg tests will fail 
when mingw is installed, on account of linking with the wrong version of the 
library.  The work-around, if I may call it that, is to specify which library 
is to be used, in case someone wants to ask for the whole thing to be made a 
cygwin-specific selection in gcc testsuite.  The testsuite doesn't have any 
g77 -pg tests, so the lack of automation for that in cygwin doesn't show up.

2 of the gcc tests are failing, due to --enable-shared being turned on in the 
build.  I assume that the shared libraries are important enough to overlook 
those 2 failures.

So, to me, the main remaining mysteries are where to look for the 
cygwin-specific patches to be applied to generic gcc source, and how to make 
java build "out of the box."
Tim Prince

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