FQDN hostname

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Sun Sep 14 09:53:00 GMT 2003

Kilian CAVALOTTI wrote:
> Brian Dessent wrote:
> > As far as OE goes, who knows what it uses in its HELO string, but I'd
> > imagine that if you have either a "primary DNS suffix" or a
> > "connection-specific DNS suffix" that it would use one of those.
> That's precisely the problem : whatever the DNS suffix is set, OE still only
> sends the NetBios hostname in its HELO string.
> I tried to fool it, by setting my netbios name to my fqdn hostname, but it
> does not change anything.
> Thanks for your answer, whatever.
> I suppose the only solution is to change my mailer...

Why not run a local MTA such as Exim (this is a Cygwin list after all)
and have it either deliver directly, or alternatively just forward all
mail on to your ISP's smarthost mail relay.  Exim is not that hard to
configure, and delivering directly is fast and eliminates some delay and
dependance on your ISP.  However, some sites will not accept mail from
"end-user" machines that are allocated to dynamic pools, so you may just
end up using Exim as a forwarding relay to your ISP.  If this is the
case you might also look into other "dumb SMTP local relays" that
essentially pass all mail onto your ISP's smarthost.  I know there are a
lot of such programs out there but I don't have a name handy.

As an aside, I would think that just about every ISP in the world would
have their SMTP server configured to accept mail that Outlook tries to
send, quirks and all.... Perhaps you just need to enable SMTP
authorization of some form?


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