cygwin bash 2.05b patches and "rebash" a debugger for bash (

Ronald Landheer-Cieslak
Fri Sep 12 14:48:00 GMT 2003

On Fri, Sep 12, 2003 at 10:13:21AM -0400, R. Bernstein wrote:
> This is all a bit too cryptic for me. 
> Ronald Landheer-Cieslak writes:
>  > The patches that have not been applied yet will be applied in the next
>  > release. 
> Whose release? If you are talking about a cygwin release, yes, I'd
> imagine one would want to put in public patches that are missing :-)
Really now, what other release would I be talking about with my spiffy new 
Cygwin-bash maintainer hat on?
> Assuming you are talking about a cygwin release, is there a schedule
> for that? Aside from the 6-month-old public patches, is anything else
> currently planned? Is there a publically accessible CVS or cygwin-bash
> mailing list that one can track what's this other stuff might be?
As for the release schedule: I'm compiling now. I've just finished the 
different new files (README and somesuch) which, seeing as I have this 
spiffy new maintainers hat since a couple of hours ago, is not bad IMHO.

As for other patches than the official and the Cygwin-specific ones: there
are none. The Cygwin-specific ones are the same as for the previous release
and AFAIK, there are no new issues.

>> As I don't use Debian (only RH8 and Gentoo) their patches will
>> have to wait until they're pushed up stream to vanilla Bash.
>> OTOH, if you know about patches that might be interesting for Cygwin users,
>> then PTC will, of course, apply :)
> What's PTC? 
Patches Thoughfully Considered - it's in the OLOCA *and* in wtf:
$ wtf PTC
ptc: Patches Thoughtfully Considered.  The new Cygwin catchphrase. Apparently 
replaces PGA.  The catchphrase was introduced by Christopher Faylor. The 
acronym was introduced...  Well, never mind, you get the picture...
$ wtf OLOCA
oloca: Official List of Cygwin Acronyms.  This document. Coined by yours truly.
Guess we're stuck with it now..

"Yours truely" in this context being Igor (the CKOA), not me.

>  > As for coordinating patches between Cygwin bash and your bash, you'll have
>  > the patches applied in the source package, as I'll be using method #2. 
> I'm lost as to what you are referring to. What's method #1 and what's
> method #2.
Suffice it to say that the source package will now be the canonical one, with
a patch and a build script at its side.

>  > You'll be able to get them from the source tarball at every release.
> You mean I can do a diff -Naur? Or are there patches available with
> the release from the previous release?
They will be in the file bash-<canonical version>-<Cygwin release>.patch in the
source tarball of the distribution.

> As I wrote above, I find this a bit cryptic. It sort of sounds like
> you are saying that if I find any patches that I think might be useful
> for cygwin I should send them along and if I want figure out what changes
> cygwin has made to bash, I can diff the source whenever a release
> comes out.
> I was hoping for better coordination here. 
If you have a patch that you think is interesting for Bash in general, please
send it up stream.
If you have a patch that you think is only interesting for Cygwin, please send
it to me by means of the cygwin at cygwin dot com list.
If you want to know what patches have been applied to the latest Cygwin release,
download the source and look for the .patch file - it's all in there (or rather,
will be as soon as -14 gets out).

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