cygwin bash 2.05b patches and "rebash" a debugger for bash (

R. Bernstein
Fri Sep 12 14:13:00 GMT 2003

This is all a bit too cryptic for me. 

Ronald Landheer-Cieslak writes:
 > The patches that have not been applied yet will be applied in the next
 > release. 

Whose release? If you are talking about a cygwin release, yes, I'd
imagine one would want to put in public patches that are missing :-)

Assuming you are talking about a cygwin release, is there a schedule
for that? Aside from the 6-month-old public patches, is anything else
currently planned? Is there a publically accessible CVS or cygwin-bash
mailing list that one can track what's this other stuff might be?

 > As I don't use Debian (only RH8 and Gentoo) their patches will
 > have to wait until they're pushed up stream to vanilla Bash.
 > OTOH, if you know about patches that might be interesting for Cygwin users,
 > then PTC will, of course, apply :)

What's PTC? 

 > As for coordinating patches between Cygwin bash and your bash, you'll have
 > the patches applied in the source package, as I'll be using method #2. 

I'm lost as to what you are referring to. What's method #1 and what's
method #2.

 > You'll
 > be able to get them from the source tarball at every release.

You mean I can do a diff -Naur? Or are there patches available with
the release from the previous release?

As I wrote above, I find this a bit cryptic. It sort of sounds like
you are saying that if I find any patches that I think might be useful
for cygwin I should send them along and if I want figure out what changes
cygwin has made to bash, I can diff the source whenever a release
comes out.

I was hoping for better coordination here. 

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