cygwin bash 2.05b patches and "rebash" a debugger for bash (

R. Bernstein
Fri Sep 12 12:14:00 GMT 2003

Corinna Vinschen writes:
 > I have just ran that diff since I'm passing over bash maintainership
 > to Ronald Landheer-Cieslak.

Actually, I ran it myself yesterday and applied the cygwin-oriented
patches which are very few (but they were different and therefore
probably better than the on-the-fly hacking I did in the past).

As a result, what is currently in CVS here:

will build on cygwin without any modification. I ran all of the
debugger regression tests yesterday without problem. Debugging is
slow, but it works. I've been able to debug for example large (10,000
line) configure scripts.

The latest release of ddd, 3.3.7, has support for the bashdb debugger
as does as what the currentin GNU Emacs CVS - however a standalone GNU
Emacs interface also comes with the package in the interrum.

Starting with the next the next rebash/bashdb release, 0.43, decent
debugging of bash programs (and having a timestamped history which is
customizable in the date format output) is possible in cygwin by
compiling from the main distributed source.

There is one small doc build warning in CVS that needs to get cleared
up before release; someone else promised to undertake doing
this. However folks are encouraged to try what's in CVS, especially on
Cygwin to make sure the release is flawless (at least for Cygwin).

However I'll be unsubsribing from soon. So if you
have any further comments, although of course you can post to this
list, I probably won't see. 

 > The Cygwin version is vanilla bash plus patches 001 to 004 plus the
 > below patches:

Actually, if you look here:

you'll see that there are 3 more from March of this year. The
rebash/bashdb CVS sources have these applied as well. Some of the
fixes from Debian are also probably worth applying as some of them
aren't necessarily specific to Debian. These would be in the db
directory in CVS. 

And last, but certainly not least, is that issue of coordinating
patches between cygwin and rebash/bashdb.

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