bash.exe doesn't launch correctly

Andrew DeFaria
Thu Sep 11 23:03:00 GMT 2003

Robert Sample wrote:

> Dear Cygwin Developers:
> I have downloaded and installed version 1.5.3-1 on two different 
> Windows XP SP1 machines.  All was working correctly.  However, after 
> installing the patch from Microsoft to plug the hole(s) that created 
> RPC problems, I now cannot  launch a Bash shell.
> On clicking the Cygwin icon, a shell appears for about one second and 
> then is  dismissed.  Sometimes a cmd.exe process is left running  and 
> sometimes it is not.
> Since my laptop has not development environment other than the GNU 
> goodies supplied by Cygwin, I am unable to debug to try and isolate 
> the problem.
> Has anyone else noticed this problem after  installing the RPC patch 
> from Microsoft?
> Regards,
> Robert Sample 

What happens when you start a cmd.exe shell then type in 
C:\Cygwin\bin\bash --login -i?
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