ncurses line drawing characters terminfo problem?

Andrew B. Clegg
Thu Sep 11 19:15:00 GMT 2003

On Thu, 11 Sep 2003, Charles Wilson wrote:

> > Lucida Console in both Win console and rxvt...
> Ah, that's the problem.  Try LucidaConsoleP  (patched) from
> Or the vgafonts from the same location.  LuConP is just LucidaConsoleP, 
> patched to put the line draw chars where codepage:oem can find them.

Just to satisfy my curiosity, how come codepage:oem can find the right
characters when you're in a Windows console but not when you're in an rxvt
window? Is it Windows' fault?

I don't really use rxvt but I'd like to cover the issue in the
cygwin-specific readme for tetrix...

> It'd be nice to distribute LuConP with rxvt, but there's that whole 
> copyright thing...

But you don't mind 'distributing' them in a publically archived mailing
list? Brave man :-O

Would you object to that link being mentioned in the above-mentioned

Someone once told me you can't copyright a font (under US law at least)
because that would give you copyright over things written *in* that font,
but I always suspected it was BS and of course IANAL.

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