Rexecd as win service

Andrew DeFaria
Thu Sep 11 16:16:00 GMT 2003

Stefano Colombo wrote:

> I really hope not to bother but I have another question. Now the inetd 
> service start as windows service. I've edited the inet.conf to enable 
> only the rexec daemon. In the host.allow I added the following line
> Rexecd: remote_pc
> Tried to run the following command from the rempote PC
> Remsh server ls
> But got a conenction refused error .
> Can you point me to what is wrong ?

"remsh"! Are you on HP-UX? Cause I don't have a remsh - I have an rsh.

I believe you can get a "connection refused" error if you have a 
password authentication problem. Have you tried rlogin or rsh without a 
command? If it prompts you for a password then an rsh <machine> 
<command> will not work.
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