mozilla displays wrong headers from uw-imap (12/31/1969, blan k subject)

Steve Fairbairn
Mon Sep 8 15:25:00 GMT 2003

Apologies to Hannu, I clicked reply and not reply to all...

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> From: Hannu E K Nevalainen (garbage mail)
> Subject: RE: mozilla displays wrong headers from uw-imap (12/31/1969,
> blank subject)
> > Of Mr. Ali Nabavi
> > Fetchmail gets my mail via pop3 and sends them to either 
> tmail or dmail
> > (I've used both.)  The logs look just fine, but says "bare 
> LF only" and
> > I don't know if that is a problem.  The mail ends up where 
> the uw-imap
> > readme says it will, in /var/mail/<username>.  I log in successfully
> > with both Mozilla and Pegasus Mail and the messages have 
> blank headers
> > except for the date, which is 12/31/1969.  When I open the 
> messages, the
> > headers look okay, the date and time are accurate, but moving the
> > message to another folder corrupts the message and, it appears, only
> > moves the body over, not the headers.
>  I'm no expert, but to me this looks as fetchmail and the 
> other (cygwin!)
> tools uses LF line endings (Unix style). While Mozilla and 
> Pegasus Mail
> (Windows executables most likely) expect it to be the Windows 
> way (i.e.
> CR+LF).
> IMO a Mozilla and/or Pegasus Mail bug.

Not definately true.  The Mail/MIME encoding RFC's state that all headers
should be CRLF no matter what the platform.  It is open to dispute quite
whether the RFC's should still apply once the mail has finished it's journey
through the ether and has been collected from the email server by such a
tool as fetchmail.  It seems likely that Mozilla is expecting the CRLF's to
remain on the headers which would probably be true if Mozilla was collecting
the emails itself.  It is my guess that fetchmail is stripping the CR's from
the message as it retrieves it which could well be the accepted practice for
UNIX boxes, but under a cygwin text mount it should perhaps behave

This is purely speculation I've not looked at the sources, but it is
certainly true that the pop3 server should be presenting the headers with
CRLF line endings to the client.


Steve Fairbairn.


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